Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Stage 3 in a nut shell. Fabian hauls Andy butt through the Hell of the North and still gets the Yellow jersey back. That's a hugely deserved reward for being a team player. Frank Scleck hit the deck hard and is out, but Andy rode really well to get a bunch of time back from Contador. And don't forget Cadel Evans, who did his fair share of the work to help drive the winning break, instead of wheel sucking as he could have. I guess that rainbow jersey has changed his style for the better. He looked strong. What got me about today's stage was how Andy Schleck wanted everyone to know that he's a good bike handler and seemed miffed when people show surprise at how well he rode instead of just saying thanks. Maybe he really thinks he can knock out a bear with just one punch! I glad Thor got the win after yesterday's mess of a finish. He kind of deserved it.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Update 7/5/2010

Not a lot to report here these days, not now that I'm actually back to doing a real job again. Boy, a genuine paycheck is going to be weird again. But, I think I can handle it. Especially now that I will be married again. Next Sunday, July 11th, L and I will be getting hitched at Valentinis on London Road. I think it's a very cool venue for a wedding and party, since we aren't doing a big, traditional wedding, but more of a quick ceremony, dinner, and music. I let L handle all of the details and I will just enjoy the ride. It should be a great time.

The Tour is underway and its start out with a bang. Or should I say multiple crashes. My boy Fab C was visibly upset with today's stage and even gave stern orders to stop the sprint as to let everyone cruise home with the same time. I guess with a name like Spartacus, he carries some serious weight in the peloton. I didn't time bar the late arrivals and canceled all but Sylvain Chavanel's points and awarded him the yellow jersey. Thor Hushovd was pissed at that, saying it wasn't Cancellera's place to decide the bunch finishing at the same time. Chris Horner said the stage was stupid and the Tour organizers got what they deserved. Mixed emotions seemed to rule the day.

As for me, I haven't been riding a lot, what with the new job and some weird health problems of my own, along with my father, who has got Temporal Arteritis and other age related problem. I've been spending time at the hospital and now at my folks home now that he is out. Mine passed after a few days, but dad's haven't. He seems to be giving up, but that's not like him. I suppose at almost 80 years of age, it's tough to fight back. I think he will though, being of good Norwegian stock.