Friday, June 5, 2009

It's About Time. Literally.

I've been the walking black cloud lately. I'm tired of it, but there are signs of the opposite trend blowing in on this incessant northwest wind.

Example : The Blackburn computer was in at the local LBS. They installed it a no charge. Turns out, Blackburn computers have a life time warranty. The guys, or might have been a gal, in the Ski Hut's shop did a very PRO looking install. My original was more creative, but I like how the spiral down the shift cable for the cadence pickup wire looks. Very tidy indeed. And, it works better than the old one. I think it didn't work right in the first place.

Example: I say the doctor for my semi-annual check over. Things looked down. As in my weight, blood sugar, and best of all, blood pressure. Dropping 26 lbs over the last couple of months is a big deal on the diabetes front. All the important numbers prove that out.

Example : No flats on the new tubes I installed last week. I road 30 miles this afternoon, some through some nasty gravel and rocks on the Munger Trail from the ATVs crossing it at speed. I detoured through town on the way back south to avoid that mess and had to ride some gravel sections to get back on the trail. The only minor annoyance on an otherwise perfect ride. Even that pesky wind didn't damper my mood.

I know those are just minor victories and I have some major battles on the horizon, but things are looking up!! ( knock on wood )


rlove2bike said...

Dropping 26...Congrats. As far as gravel on the Munger goes...the Moose Lake bypass seems to always be loaded with gravel as the ATV route is side by side with the trail. I have met ATV's in that section and between the rocks being thrown and the sucks. I guess it's too much to ask to slow down and be considerate of others. It is too bad that just a few dorks give a bad name...same goes for most everything.

Boz said...

That sam day, the dust was terrible, too. The ATV's were in full effect, what with it being a nice day and the kids out of school.

Tim D said...

Boz, new bike! new bike! On my new blog!

Boz said...

Tim - I've already changed the link over and admired your new ride! Nice!!