Sunday, December 27, 2009

I sure am glad we purchased a new snow blower this summer when they were on sale. You might not be able to find one after this latest dumping we've been cleaning up. This was at my parents's house. They got real snow, where as we got a slush/snow mix that laughed at snow blowers. I enjoyed blowing out my folks place, but that word can't describe the job at hand here at the BD hq.


Tim D said...

Boz, Happy New Year to you and yours. Your snow looks a lot worse than ours, but we never get snow, so things like snow blowers are unheard of. There is still ice on our road and it hasn't snowed since the 21st!

My miles for the year 3306, thanks in part to your encouragement. Target for 2010 is 4000.

Keep well


Boz said...

Tim- I'm trying to set a realistic goal for 2010. If things work out as planned, I'll be living a more conducive area for cycling. Just a few miles from here, but I wouldn't have start every ride or end with a climb. In other words, flatter territory.

Have a great New Years, and stay warm. It's -20f here right now.