Thursday, October 20, 2011

Piedmont on Foot

Piedmont trials on gorgeous fall day.

Lots of climbing.

Up and up.

Believe the signs!

Rock drop. Not for me at this time.

This ones not too bad. Thanks, COGGS!

Still some beautiful foliage.
I went for a ride this morning on the Piedmont trails to see what the more advanced areas were like. Tough, twisty, up and down, rocks, more rocks, roots, you name it, it's there. I was very cautious and still had a couple of biffs. If there's one thing Duluth has, it's variety of riding that's second to none. Varied terrain from one end of town to the other, beginner to advanced, no one is excluded. Today my lack of fitness really stood clear. I haven't been out much due to so many circumstances beyond my control, but things are kind of settling down. We'll see. The pics above are from this afternoon, when I went back and walked what I had previously ridden. I was right, this is tough terrain. I'm glad it's just up the hill from where I live. Nothing more humbling than riding over your head!


Doug said...

Good for you for taking advantage of a gorgeous October Day.

I'm happy everyday to have a job, but it sure was killing me to be inside all day with that beautiful blue sky calling to me.

Boz said...

Looks like it may be another nice fall day today. I'll be out again for sure. You must be catching some great sun rises on your commute.

Doug said...

Nice sunrise today. It will be on my blog later. This time of year the sunrise is perfectly timed during my commute.

After the time change next month, the sunrise will be back during my commute in December.