Thursday, September 29, 2011


What are running shoes doing on this blog? Glad you asked. You see, many years ago, I was a runner, cyclist, and skier all at the same time. I was engaged to my first wife and was a fat slob, so, I got back to cycling. I lost some weight, but the pounds didn't really come off until I started running. Three days a week were for running, three for riding or skiing, and one for rest. Eighty-six pounds gone in six months was what that accomplished.

I've been thinking about why it hasn't been that easy to drop the extra pounds these days as compared to my younger years. Sure, age has something to do with it, along with the many physical problems I have encountered in the last few years. Fine. Recently though, I realized that I used to run quite a bit. And that I enjoyed running. And I lost weight quite quickly running in combination with biking. So, why haven't I been running? My left knee was trashed for years, but now feels almost new. That excuse is now out the window. Time to get going.

As you can see in the above pic, I stopped at the Duluth Running Company and got a pair of Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes. I'll start slowly and build up the mileage as the knee allows. Fall is my favorite time of year to run, and there are lots of trails to explore in this area, so here I go.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back In Saddle

I finally got out for a ride yesterday, the first in a month. The first couple of miles were hard, but I soon settled into a rhythm and things fell into place. 14 miles in one hour and eight minutes was a pretty good effort for me on gravel roads. This was the same route I took on my last ride before the Lyme's Disease knocked me out, and it took 4 minutes longer that time. My thinking is that I was getting sick for a while before the rash showed up. I'm glad my weight stayed down for the last month and will continue to drop now that I can ride again. Time will tell. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Impatiently Recovering

A couple of more days left on the Doxycycline and I should be good to go. I'm feeling much better, but still get fatigued easily. I've tried to ride this last week, but in a few blocks, my legs felt like cement. At least he nasty body aches and light-headedness are gone. It looks like my next door neighbor may have gotten Lyme's too. More and more people I've run into have had it or know someone who has contracted it in the last couple of years. Be careful out there...