Monday, September 29, 2008

Champing At The Bit

And I am. I don't know about you, but the cool weather changes my perception of riding. I haven't been putting in much saddle time lately, due to projects, family, and a nicked up knee. Talking to the surgeon this morning about the knee got me some answers. The X-ray and MRI didn't reveal any new structural damage, just more arthritis, which was aggravated by bowling. No more bowling, more bike riding. I will be getting a cortisone shot on Wednesday morning, but further surgery is out of the question for a while. A knee replacement is a few years down the road. A more aggressive weight loss plan will be put in effect, since less weight means less wear and tear on the joints.

OK, back to what I started to talk about, cool weather riding. Don't get me wrong, I love the hot weather. I'm very comfortable on 80-90 degree rides, the effort that results in a different type of suffering than in the cold. I find a base layer under my jersey keeps me more comfortable than just a jersey alone. Same in the cold. A good base layering system is the key to staying comfortable in all weather. I need to add a few items to my cold weather arsenal, but mainly for the extreme cold temps. The only thing I have problem with is my hands. Since becoming diabetic, I just can't keep them warm on cold weather rides unless I use chemical warmers. It must have something to do with the neuropothy, which effects my feet much more than my hands. I'm trying to add more blue berries and such to my diet, but that gets pretty spendy. All the good stuff one needs to eat healthy sure does cost a lot.

The major thing about cool weather riding is this: I don't look near as fat in cold weather gear than in spandex. One has to look good to feel good...

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