Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Scared ?

I always thought deer had that built in run away alarm when approached by humans. This one does not seem to have it. Last night, Mex dog was outside barking, as usual, so I called to let her in. She wouldn't, so I looked for the source that set off her alarm . A small doe was browsing under the neighbor's apple tree. I took the camera and walked towards it to try to get close enough for a decent night picture. I snapped a couple and kept walking, all the time she didn't seem to mind me so close. Pretty soon, she turned and walked towards me. Five feet away she stopped and started grazing, all the while oblivious to me and the camera. Not a perfect shot, being it's hard to frame in the dark, but not bad. The Cat 4 crew were non-plus with my efforts to say the least.

I'm sore today after two hard workouts, morning strength and balance, the an afternoon interval session on the trainer. Gotta make up some ground and get the knee back in shape.

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