Monday, December 1, 2008

A Dose Of Reality

The cold weather has set in here in the Northland. So has the pain in my left knee. Arthritis, according to the ortho doc, is the main culprit. Not much can be done about it, even all the supplements I take don't seem to help much. Less stress on the joints, more muscle to support the joints and better posture all combine to help the situation, according to the doctor. This brings me to the point of this post. I'm not as strong, fit, or balanced muscle-wise as I thought. Not even close.

How do I know this. Wii. As in Nintendo Wii. My wife brought one home on this last Black Friday. I was against the idea, reasoning it would be another fad gadget that would be collecting dust in a couple of weeks after the novelty had worn off. She also got the Fit system with it. This piqued my interest a bit, so I rearranged the basement kid's play area and set it up. The scale / balance sensing platform syncs with the Wii, measuring weight, balance, movement etc. You enter your personal data to complete the fitness data base, your starting point.

My numbers weren't very encouraging. It determined I needed to work on strength and weight loss. My balance was good, muscle balance was not, strength a bit too low, BMI too high. It said my body age is 4 years older than my actual age. Reality can sometimes suck. I've started a program of yoga, aerobic, balance and strength training, all of which the Wii keeps track of. The better you get, the more advanced programs it adds. All in all, the starting point of this program is humbling, to say the least. But, motivating at the same time. And who couldn't use more motivation?


Mike said...

I like what you're doing with your blog. This looks pretty cool.

Good luck with the Wii thing. I got my dose of reality a few weeks ago too. I went for wellness testing at work and registered the highest percentage of bodyfat that I've ever had. I'm thinking it's time to do something with my upper body.

The Incredible Woody said...

I love my Wii!!