Thursday, March 19, 2009

I had to go to Cloquet Tuesday for a job look-see. Fix some dry wall, paint, change some fixtures etc. for a friend of a friend. About three days work, not bad for the pay day. I took my mtb along and planned on riding the Munger Trail south from Carlton. Turning onto the trail from the Carlton rest stop, I ran into dirt. Dirt with rocks on both sides of the bridge. Who and why did they haul in this crap? I'm glad I didn't have the road bike, but it was fine on the mtb. After this ended, it was bare pavement, then hard packed snow and ice, with the occasional soft, slushy wheel snagger mixed in. I road about five miles and turned back. With the 50 degree weather, I figured the river rapids would be raging, so I headed back towards Duluth. As you can see, not much rapids, more ice. I guess it was a bit early to expect the trail to be clear. Probably another two weeks.

Being diabetic and a food fanatic, I'm always o the look out for recipes that agree with my system, ie don't spike my blood sugar. I always DVR Alton Brown on the Food channel, and yesterday, he had a whole wheat waffle recipe. I whipped up a batch this morning for me and the kids, and I think they were the best I've made at home. The kids didn't even realize they were whole wheat. They'd be better if I had a better waffle iron as mine is a dual purpose waffle iron/mini-griddle that's about 20 years old. Alton says round is a better type of iron, and I think he's right. Mine doesn't brown the outer edges very well. I'll have to look around for a better one that will fit the budget.

Today, I'm going to do some stretching and strength work on the ball, plus an hour of hill repeats this afternoon. The core work I did this winter has sure paid off, no back, shoulder, anything type of discomfort, even after a couple of hours. Hitting it a couple of times a week during the season should keep me there, I hope.


rlove2bike said...

Hill repeats. Standing sprints. Intervals. 2 to 3 hours...You are hardcore.

Boz said...

I've got a long way to go and a short to get there. Hey, wasn't that a line from a song? I figure if I have the time, I might as well use it.