Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunny and 52

Yes, sunny and 52. A perfect day for a spring ride. After washing the van, a trip to Sam's Club, and various other duties, I set out for a quick spin. Two hours later, I swung back in the driveway. Where did the time go? Hill repeats. Standing sprints. Intervals. Why? Well, I wanted to see how my knee would hold up. It did OK, a little tender, but serviceable. Plus, I really needed to see where my fitness level is. Not bad, considering how much mass I am hauling around. Next will be more of the same, plus some steady zone 2, three hour + efforts, you know, to burn the fat.

Funny, the eco-stimulus package tricked down quickly to help the unemployment payments. An additional $25.00 has been added weekly. Now I've got some real buying power!

I've been contacted by a couple of local companies after seeing my resume on line. Something may come of these leads. I sure miss working, but how would all the stuff I do daily get done? The cats and dogs would be lost without me.

Our daughter is back in school and off the lovenox injections. She'll be on coumadin for @ 6 months, then do a study to see what the actual case of the blood clots is. Let's hope it isn't naturally occurring, because if it is, she'll be on the coumadin possibly for life. That would suck. She doesn't need or deserve more challenges at her age.

Luis Leon Sanchez won Paris-Nice Sunday, supposedly due to Alberto Contador's bonking and not tracking Sanchez. This according to Lance Armstrong, Contador's team mate. Look Lance, the spot light does NOT have to be shining on you all the time. That said, I'm glad Armstrong has come back to racing. We need more big time talent to keep the press interested, which in turn keeps the sponsorship money interested. And his cancer fighting leadership earns him a pass in my book. But don't expose a team mate as being not to bright. The egos at the top are sometimes fragile. Besides, shouldn't someone in the team car have told Alberto what was up and reminded him to eat? It is a TEAM effort, after all.

Jens Voigt. Enough said.

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chris said...

absolutely dead on ..roger, roger.