Friday, May 1, 2009

Against The Wind

30 mile in 2 hours and 14 minutes. The last 12 miles grinding it out at 8-15 miles per hour. The first part of today's ride featured a top speed of 42 miles per hour. Yes, you guessed it : my nemesis, THE WIND!!

42 degrees, winds to 30+, not the ideal riding conditions. But, if fitness and blood sugar controls are your goals, then kit up and get going. I've had to cut back on the insulin due to dropping weight and adding fitness. Example: This morning's reading when I got up was 112. Toast and scrambled eggs with the boys at 6:30am, used 8 units of insulin. 2 hours later, pre-ride, 118. Perfect. After ride including cool down, 80. Just what it should be. And, for me at least, the harder the effort, the longer the effects last.

I really had planned an hour and a half of zone 2, fat burning spinning. Mother nature had other plans. The quote Mr. T in one of the Rocky movies when asked for a prediction on the fight "Pain". You just can't spin into that 25-35 mph wind. You just sit back and make like Stuart O'Grady and Jens Voight when they're trying to pace Cadel Evans to the front. Mash, apply the power, no dancing on the pedals. And riding alone makes it worse, what with no one to share pulls with.

On the flip side of this coin, is the fact you really appreciate the warm, calm days when riding just seems effortless, like you always have a slight tail wind. Plus, it builds strength and character, that you didn't turn around and head back home. Gutting it out just seems to make you a better person in the long run.

I haven't been riding with head phone lately, no music or pod casts, just me and my thoughts. I usual don't on the road, just on the bike trails. That's just me, self preservation when the traffic is so heavy around here. I've got a lot of things to sort out, such as my possible divorce, possible relocation for a job, a permanent home, relationships, and so on. When everything you thought was real, wasn't, when it looks like your life has been dashed on the rocks, you've got plenty to occupy your mind. You can turn all that energy and time into something positive. And the bike gives me just that.


family.diamond said...

My guys hate it when I drive in to work rather than ride in. The drive doesn't give me time to have all the angry, frustrated conversations in my head that riding in does. I am a much nicer person after 30 mins on my bike.

Boz said...

Yes, it's hard to be angry after a bike ride. Unless, of course, you had multiple flats, got hit by a car, etc..