Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I've been doing a big project that has taken all my available time. Well, almost all of it. I had planned on being done yesterday, but the fickle finger of fate had other ideas. Old plaster house hold many surprises when you open them up. Enough said.

I did get an hour of saddle time in a couple of days ago. The new Shimano SPD-SL pedals I installed on the road bike begged to be tested. I've been riding road SPD pedals up to now, but were a pain to clip into, being such a small cleat to catch a one sided clip surface. Plus, they never felt secure. Don't get me wrong, SPD is a great system on a mountain bike or touring bike with two sided clip-in, what with being easy get in and out, and walk-ability with the recessed cleat. But SPD-SL with the wide platform feel much better in that it spreads the pressure surface out and the same wideness makes it easier to catch the cleat on the clip in. I like the feel on the foot a lot, especially with my big feet. That positive click in sound is cool, too. I was looking at the Speedplay line-up, but if you walk in sand or gravel, you could get that in the cleat, which is also the clip-in mechanism. So, I went with the Shimano and am very happy.

On the health front, my knee is holding up well, considering I'm up and down stairs all day, up ladders, down on the floor etc. The very things it didn't like aren't bothering it much. Could be the cycling and weight loss (20+ lbs) have made a big difference. The weight loss plus diet changes have also contributed to improved blood sugar control. I've had to back off on the insulin quite a bit with meals, or I go low. Eventually, I want to get off insulin all together. That would be a major improvement in my life style, not having to haul a pen and needles everywhere I go. It doesn't seem like a big deal until you have to do it. This disease is on your mind 24/7, and that is the worse thing. It lives in your mind rent free. Not fair, but what in life is?


rlove2bike said...

Ok, I will bite...and feel free to tell me to mind my own damn business. Why did you ride 61 instead of the Munger? Just curious...and it is good luck that you have the chance to have a lesson learned.

Boz said...

I ride the Munger a lot. I ride 61 for a change of pace. There are some nice roads that go out in country side to explore, so sometime I ride 61. It's kinda like your area, plenty of verity.