Sunday, September 13, 2009

Please Read This Dis-Climber

I am not a climber. Now Doug, of MN Bike Commuter fame, is a climber. He and I set out for a little ride this morning from the start of the Munger Trail, but Doug wanted to go to Carlton via Jay Cook Park and take the Munger Trail back instead. I agreed, after all, I've got my sleek, new carbon fiber wonder bike and it needs to do some climbing. But, it's engine needs some work. Said engine is hauling around an extra 40 lbs of ballast to be effective in the hills of Jay Cook State Park. The engine even stalled out a few times due to spending too much time at red line.

Doug's engine, on the other hand, was hitting on all cylinders and cruised up those same hills ala Alberto Contidor. Him and his Ellis custom bike are a thing of beauty in the hills, a well oil climbing machine. I was sorry I held him back, but he put up with the fat man and actually seemed to enjoy our ride. He's a top notched riding partner and I look forward to dropping some more weight as to try to keep up with him in the hills. But, all that said, today's tour was a very nice way to enjoy this fantastic fall weather we're having. I needed a break from all the projects I have going and so did Doug. Now, back to work.


Biking Duluth said...

Humph... That's all I got to say about that.

I'm still laid up- had hernia surgery just shy of two weeks ago. Two more and I'm hitting the road again on two wheels, not 4 or more.
Start my new job tomorrow so the two weeks will give me time to figure out where I can store my bike and change and what not- I'll probably be in a cube rather then an office, I can only hope for a door and shades.
I'll be back...

Boz said...

I'm sure SMDC has an area for securing bikes and plenty of places to change. Looks like you'll have a couple of weeks to scope it out. Good luck.

Heath said...

Just discovered your blog. Look forward to reading more posts. As a big commuter and tourer, I've felt your pain.