Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gravel Trail Ride

This morning Doug, Jeff, and I met at the trail head off the Moccasin Mike Road heading out of Superior for a nice gravel trail ride. To get some miles in for winter biking. To start some training for winter racing. 33.489 mile later, I am cooked. I've got cramps in both inner thighs. My legs locked up in the shower. I feel weak. Boy, does it feel good!!!

Here's a link to the festivities.

I really enjoy riding with Doug and Jeff, and I think they enjoy dragging my slow, old, fat butt around. Gotta make 'em feel better about themselves. It would me.


Biking Duluth said...

It's all good Bob, not like we're speed demons out there either. :o) I had a great time!

Boz said...

Me too. It was great!

KungFooSausage said...

I was knackered after 7.3 miles yesterday! In some microscopically small way I feel your pain lol.