Thursday, June 19, 2008

No Cone Of Smugness?

I took a ride up the shore last night. 75 and sunny. You just couldn't ask for anything more. At the left is a pic I took in one of those WTF moments. Then I realised this weekend is Grandma's Marathon. Mile 13 must be known for nature's call, as there was the highest concentration of Brent's Biffies along the route.

My knee is holding up well after surgery. Very little stiffness in the morning and it doesn't give out on stairs like it did before the repairs. Getting in and out of cars is still a little uncomfortable, but much better than before. I can climb out of saddle better than I have in a long time, but I'm still a snail compared to others I have ridden with lately. This will get better with more hill riding and weight loss. You just can't fool gravity, no matter how you try.

This coming up weekend, I'm planning a century on Saturday, probably down to the camper and back. Hopefully, the weather holds out. I'll take the Munger Trail, which btw, needs some work. The stretch near the Buffalo House is in bad need of resurfacing. Sunken areas and a lot of mini "volcano's" make for a bumpy and potentially damaging ride. I'm not sure who to talk to, but I'll find out and report my displeasure in the state of disrepair this great trail has fallen to. See you out there!

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