Monday, June 30, 2008

Me As An Example

Example of what, you ask. Why, several things, I reply. Let me explain. I spend more time and miles on two wheels or feet than in a car. Thus, I am an example of a way the average person can conserve fuel and save a bit of cash. Also, improving my health. This will be a positive long term impact on not only the environment and health care system, but my mental well being as well. Nothing gets me out of a funk quicker than some quality exercise.

Everything is getting more expensive. I, being a diabetic, am a glaring example of this. Food is going up in price, especially the things I eat. Lean meat, fruit, and vegetables are following the rising fossil fuel trend. Trucking fresh, quality food to market is getting more costly by the day. I can't eat romen noodles and cheap, processed, crap and expect to maintain my health. Cuts have to be made in other areas to meet nutritional goals. It's starting to hurt.

My social life has to be pared down to minimum. The wife and I would hit the movie theater 2 to 3 times a month, eat out once or twice a week, and travel to the campground almost every weekend in the summer. Now, the spare cash isn't there. A year ago, a tank of gas in either of our vehicles would run @42.00 dollars. Last weekend, it was $69.00. So we drive less, go less places, pump less into the economy than we used to. Actually, we are spending the same, but it is concentrated in one area instead of several. This only helps one interest instead of several.

My wages aren't going up. At all. Not going to happen any time soon, as far as I can see. I'm not in a union, so no scheduled raises. No cost of living. The industry I am in is at a dead end standstill. It has been for several years. A radical shift in the way it's run and perceived is need before it can be considered a good occupation. The general public wants top notch service but doesn't want to pay for it. I often advise young people not to get involved in the industry, as right now it's headed for long hours, poor wages and benefits, no job security, in other words, a dead end.

Is there a happy ending? I hope so. Our parents went through much worse. They didn't have the rapidly changing technology and it's ability to help quickly solve problems that at first look insurmountable but when looked back on were fairly minor compared to what earlier generations had to deal with. I want to be in the generation that was the example of how to get it done.


Lori said...

We have been so pampered for so long - I wonder if we, as a society, are strong to to change!!

Lori said...

I meant 'strong enough to change' - Duh!

Boz said...

Sometime I think that our strengths are also our weakness'. We tend to think we are bullet proof, but sometimes things are just beyond our control.