Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ramblings From Work

Yes kids, it's my Saturday to work once again. And, of course, the weather is very nice. At least, I can take an extended ride home, since the only ones there are the Cat4 crew. The rest of my tribe is at the camper till Sunday. Ah, the peace and quiet.....

I put my van up for sale. Why? We have decided we can get by with one car, I'll ride to work more, and we have a moped style motorcycle that gets 85 mpg. It's got a 150cc motor, does @ 60 mph, and is fun to drive. My wife and I work similar hours and ride share quite often anyway, so it's no big deal. I can put the money towards a new garage, plus it's one less car.

Stepped out the back door last night, fired up the gas grille to cook me up a tasty burger. 90% lean ground beef w/ garlic and onion bits from Tastefully Simple, and some fresh ground pepper. But the propane tank, she was empty. I didn't want to fry it, so I dug out my trusty cast iron griddle pan. Get glowing red and throw on the burgers. The smoke alarm went off of course, but they cooked perfectly. I need a better range hood, which is why I don't use it more often. Yum-yum.

Looks like the weather is going to give us a break for the next week or so. Just in time to mow the lawn again, get some quality mileage in for the July 19th Velo Duluth Split Rock tour. Hope you all can make the ride, it should be fun. I'm itching to get things in my life sorted out enough to start riding in some of the local group rides regularly. There are several in the area, so I need to make time for them. That's where one really improves their riding skill and improves the fitness. See you out there.

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