Monday, August 11, 2008

New Ride

No, not a new bike, but a new route. Sunday, I took the MTB out exploring different roads and trails around the camp ground area. I took a Google map, and set out around Sand Lake. What nice, quiet, smooth country roads. Rolling, twisting, perfect for the road bike. Then, some gravel roads and trails that are a gas. I wish there were more bikers in the area to ride with and enjoy the quiet country side. I never run into anyone on a bike, except on the Munger trail. The ones i do meet are usually on their way someplace special, and not riding locally. Too bad, they're missing some good riding.

Diabetes-wise, I'm going to cut back the carbs a bit more for a couple of weeks. I'll be monitoring my glucose levels more closely to see the reaction to low carb meals in the hours after eating. I sure would love to not have to be shackled to the regimen of a medication schedule. It's tough to be spontaneous in life and have a good time with others when this stupid disease looms over everything you do. But, others have it far worse than me, so I shouldn't complain. Just work harder at being healthy, maybe I can reverse this.

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