Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic TT

Ol' Fabian Cancellara, one of my fav's in the pro peloton, put the wood to the field in the olympic time trial. I think he let Stephan Schumaker win in the Tour De France time trials to conserve energy for the team and lull the field into a false sense of security. His making "Swiss cheese" of the rest of the boys in the time trials is getting to be a habit. I love watching him ride!

On the diabetes front, a recent trip to the dentist turned out to be a major bummer. It looks like I'll be loosing a tooth and having some anti-biotic treatments, along with some major root planing. More vacation used on anything but rest and relaxation. That's just another side effect of diabetes. Fun times....

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Lori said...

I am truly unschooled in the effects of diabetes. My cousin lost her husband (aged 43) on Monday of this week. He had a diabetic attack (what do you call it?) and was unable to reach his insulin shot. I truly had no idea that this could happen. Be sure to keep a tight check on those numbers!!