Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Colors and the Pump

The fall colors are in prime display right now here in the northland. The 2 bright red trees across the street from my house really glow at first light. The vibrant yellow-gold of the tree in second pic doesn't really come through in the picture, but is stunning in person. A lot of people from other areas never get to see such beauty. No bad for them.

Well, after my cortisone shot disaster, it appears my pancreas shut down. It's probably not coming back. So, after intense insulin therapy for the last few days, my glucose is coming back to normal. I'm off the Byetta, added before meal Novolog insulin, along with the Lantus basal insulin. I'll be going on the Omnipod insulin pump next week. That's a high tech wireless pump with no plumbing to mess with. The glucose meter acts as a remote control to set figure and set dosage. Very simple and ideal for active people. I'm looking forward to it. And to better glucose control.

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