Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, my side projects are finished at last. My blood sugar is in good shape, I have an endocrinologist appointment next month to sign off on the Omni-pod insulin pump. It's not like getting a prescription and going to the pharmacy and picking one up. Paperwork, insurance approvals etc. It will be a least a month. I wore a saline filled sample for the weekend to see if would work and it did. I put it on the back of my upper right arm and didn't notice it until it started beeping at 4:15 this morning. I peeled it off and checked for skin irritation. All OK.

What's missing in all this? Riding. I just haven't had any riding time for the last month or so. Yes, I do slip out after work for a quick spin, but no meaningful mileage. Now that I have the time, I'll need to put on the lights since it's getting dark early. Riding at night is a whole different experience, one which is pretty unique in that you're senses are heightened and you are much more aware of you're surroundings. I'm getting fired up!

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