Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day 2008

A quick Thanksgiving post -

We're at the in-laws, as usual, for Thanksgiving dinner. Per usual, the poor almost nation's symbol will be incinerated. It was over done when I came home to put my contribution, a green bean casserole, in the oven. My mother in laws oven was still punishing that poor bird, so, since I'm only a few blocks away, I'm cooking my cliched side dish at our house. I've modified the recipe to make the traditional Campbells Soup version much more palatable. OK, enough of that.

What's to be thankful for this holiday season, what with our economy in the hurt tank? Lots, I say. Personally, I thank our modern health care researchers for advances in diabetes care. New insulin delivery systems make it so much easier to control glucose. I haven't been able to get the Omni-pod pump yet, due to being laid off of my job ( in other words, I can't afford it ), but just close monitoring and needle injections have my A1C at my best ever. The oral drugs just were not effective enough any more.

Next thing I'm grateful for is tires. The modern bicycle tire is so much better than in the old days. Knock on wood, but how many flats do you get any more? They seem to be a matter of carelessness than fragile construction and materials, like back day.

Clothing is much better. Chamois don't get all funky, jerseys breathe better, and cold weather gear fits and performs much nicer.

Beer. Like the Australian drinking song goes "Just one beer and it's back on the job". Since I drink in moderation, I appreciate a quality beer so much more these days. The Belgians have now exported so many great brews that it's hard to name a favorite. The French have Kronenbourg, a superb lager, the Italians chip in a few, the Brits, a ton. It seems every region of most countries make an excellent contribution to the world of beer. Our local brewing scene does us all proud. I could go on all day, but I'll just end with I like beer.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all.

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The Incredible Woody said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! The step-monster always overcooks our bird too. So I made a lasagna!!