Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finals Week

The end of the 1st semester is coming up this week. I've enjoyed college for the most part and will miss some of it, but not as much as I've missed my regular rides.

One thing left is the art exhibit starting this coming Monday at LSC. I will have six of my best shots on display ( and for sale), so this weekend will be taken up with matting the photos that I had enlarged. They came out great and I hope to do well at the show. The above shot was taken at dusk by the Proctor Golf Course and reworked a bit for the mood I was trying to capture. My theme for the semester was mechanical/action/texture/industrial, so I had to concentrate on those aspects for my subjects.

We had to also write a paper on our favorite photographer. I, being a cyclist, chose Graham Watson. What was great about that is that while I was doing research for the paper, I learned some new things on how to shoot action photos. Watson's web site is a great source for getting the details on how he does things, and what he uses to do it. You can ask questions on the Q&A page and he will explain in detail how he got the various shots, or general answers on equipment choice, lighting, flash, etc. Very enlightening, I must say.

Once school is over, I will be able to get back to cycling on a somewhat regular schedule. Oh, yeah, I've got another commitment on July 11. L and I are getting hitched. Details to follow.


rlove2bike said...

Congratulations indeed! ! ! And on another note, I think you have made the train look much better in your picture than it does in person. We will have to try to hit up a ride sometime.

Boz said...

Thanks, yes we will have to ride sometime. Maybe a Munger Trail cruise some time.

Tim D said...

Boz, congratulations to you both!