Thursday, May 6, 2010

One In The Books


My first semester is in the books. It looks like the body count will be four A's, a B, and a "pass" in a pass/fail class. I had never been to college before and I must say, it was quite an experience. Now that it's over, I'm kind of torn over how to proceed. My major was to be health insurance management/billing & coding. Lots of jobs, steady, secure work etc. That was until I found I have some other talents, such as geography and the arts, such as photography.

The school had its annual art show this week, combining all the art classes together for one show in the main corridor. There was hundreds of pieces from my specialty; digital photography, along with sculpture, painting, ceramics, drawing, the list goes on. We could put a price on our pieces and sell them if we wanted after the show was over. I put some modest price tags on mine, just to see what would happen. What happened was this: The college bought my "Rum River 'Cross" and plans to blow it up and prominently display it in the school. Wow, my first sale, and not to a relative or something like that.

What this lead to is the predicament over what I should pursue. Stay with the original plan, transfer to a bigger school and get an art degree, or maybe, go into the geography field. Mapping the world and its population might be interesting. I've got the summer to chew it over, and a lot of that chewing will be from a bicycle seat.


The Scene of the Crime


Biking Duluth said...

That's AWESOME!!! I found I really loved school (even if I didn't really show it) and I would love to go learn something else, but alas, $$$...

Boz said...

Yes, I think the learning part is the under appreciated thing about higher education. I feel lucky to have gotten this opportunity to expand my horizons (along with my waistline, but that's another story).