Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Tour De France time is upon us. From what I've seen of the new route, I think my guy is going to have some major impact on the race. Fabian Cancellara is the rider I would most like to emulate. A powerful, smooth, race winning machine who can dominate almost any type of contest. Time trial ? No one better. Spring classics? He's always on form. No matter the terrain, Fabian can dish it out. It's no longer a surprise when he puts the hammer down and pulls away to victory. And he does it with a smile, even when it's a team mate getting the victory. The sport needs more like him, especially with the shadow of doping looming large, Cancellara's name never comes up, knock on wood.

Another challenger I like is Alejandro Valverde. The Spaniard is a good all-arounder who can climb as well as pull off the long break aways and win classics. Cadel Evans needs to show a little more killer instinct this year to take the crown, which has no owner, since the Astana boys aren't being allowed to play. Too bad, since they were major powers in most races they were in. Dopers suck, and until they can prove they have cleaned up their act to the ASO, it's NO SOUP FOR YOU!!

Me, I've got the DVR set to catch all the action daily. I just wish it was available in high definition. The technology is there, so what's the problem? Versus shares it's HD channel with the golf channel, so they have the ability. Maybe it's a money thing. I'm sure once the HD standard is in full force next year, we'll be able to revel in the TDF in full HD glory. I can't wait!!!

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