Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Too Much Monkey Business

That black cloud hovered over this frustrated blogger the last few days. Case in point - I've been using the Wi-Fi at various coffee establishments lately, much to the detriment of my wallet. Lattes aren't cheap and neither is gas. Worse, the other day I was rummaging in my lap top case for something and forgot to zip it back up. So, when I pulled the case out of my car, the computer slid out onto the ground. Not a hard hit, no marks or anything. I fired it up and it worked fine. Until last week. It wouldn't do anything, no power light, no sound. A fruitless trip to a couple of computer shops all netted the same answer. The power supply is fried. The new one came in this morning. Pulled her in, no juice. I took a test light to the old one and it was fine. I took to case off the computer, only to find a crack and short in the mother board. She's toast.

I spent part of today looking at various new ones and settled on a HP G60-235DX running a Pentium Duo-Core at 4200. Window Vista Premium OS. Sure, a Mac would have been nice, but three times the money. I stopped at the soon to be defunct Coffee Cabin and used their Wi-Fi to download AVG anti-virus and Firefox, both of which I've had excellent luck using. The Norton anti-virus got un-installed at the same time. Some computer techs I've talked to had told me that they were having nothing but problems with the Norton 2009 version. Well, I'm now back in business with a very fast and capable machine.

I sure wish I was as fast and capable on the bike. But, I am making progress at a pretty good clip. Three inches off the waist, fourteen pounds lost, and an almost two mile per hour increase in the 28.9 mile loop I've been riding lately. The last three days, though, the wind has been brutal, so much so riding into the wind has been almost dangerous. My eyes water so bad and I can't hear traffic at all. This has been no fun and I've cut the rides short, instead working on core and leg strength. It's been a nice break for a change. Tomorrow is a planned 40 miler on the Munger Trail.

As far as the diabetes goes, my blood sugar has been great, thanks to losing some gut and lot's of miles in the saddle. Eating the best I have in years hasn't hurt either. Being in total control of what I stuff in the old pie hole is a major improvement. No fast food, no processed garbage, very little alcohol to boot. A guy could get healthy living this way. Hmmm.

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family.diamond said...

Boz, new laptop sounds good. I use AGV on all the PCs at home. With boys who don't care too much about what they download or where from, so far it has been up to the job.

Your weight loss and blood sugar sound good. Don't over do it though

Keep well