Friday, April 10, 2009

The Wanderer

In the last six months, I've lost my job, my wife and family, my home, and probably some self esteem, too. The result of all this is that I'm now kind of a wanderer. No set purpose to the day, nothing urgent to get to, no real direction. So, I pack up the lap top and head for the various free internet connections, have some coffee, see what's going on in the world. Total freedom can make a guy complacent, if you're not careful. I've done a few bike rides I had planned, but never did.

I also signed up for the Allsport GPS ride tracking system. I tracks where you went, speed, elevation, calories expended, and charts it all. For six bucks a month, I think it's a good investment. If you have a data plan and compatible phone, it's a fun tool or toy, depending on your point of view. I'll see if I can post the ride data in the near future. It will also track walks, MTB rides, trail runs, road runs, and skiing. Pretty much anything you do actively, it can handle. Yes, I'm a tech geek. I just wish I had a bigger budget.

On the diabetes front, I'm holding my own. The stress induced weight gain has stopped and is reversing itself. My daily glucose readings are up a bit, but not alarmingly so. Since I have my own stove and fridge in the basement I currently reside in, I have pretty good control of what I stuff in my pie hole. Lean and green are much easier to stick to when you don't have several people with bad eating habits around. But I do miss my cats.


rlove2bike said...

This could be considered a sabbatical you are on...except the riding you do. Figuring out all that data sounds hard core to me.

Biking Duluth said...

With all my time off now too, I considered the mn tram this year. Would be super fun but would never do alone. What do you think? A week on bike traveling MN??? You in?

Boz said...

Jay - not a bad idea. We'll have to do some brain storming. I'll call you later next in the week.