Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This weeks photo shoot was on the theme of distortion. It could be done in-camera or Photoshopped to get the desired effects. I liked it because the instructor put no boundaries on what you could do, you just had to stick to your theme as set up at the mid-term review. Mine is mechanical things, both in black & white and color, with some textural elements and depth and distance. We will be showing our best 4 shots at an art show at LSC later in April. My instructor seems to be really into my style.

Above are three of my distortion shots. As you can see, Photoshop is a lot of fun to experiment with. I think I'll have the top photo printed on canvas for display at the show. I took it at the Rum River cyclo-cross race 2 years ago. The second is of me riding out at Lester Park yesterday afternoon. A quick extrusion reconstruction and that was all. I took about 30 lbs. off of me, so it I kept it to post for class.

The last is the from wheel from my road bike. A bold line plus a neon effect give it some pop and texture. I like it and may use it for the show.

It looks like we are getting into some seriously nice riding weather. I have a light day tomorrow and plan on some mile in the afternoon. Should be fun.


Tim D said...

I like the wheel picture. It reminds me of old french photos

Boz said...

I like the vintage/modern collision feel of that shot. I've got a big soot due on Monday, so we'll see what comes out of that.