Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some Days You Get The Bear...

And some days that som-bitch gets you. That's the type of day I had yesterday. First off, I had a doctor's appointment at 10:40 a.m. This called a fasting for blood work, since I hadn't been insured for quite some time and hadn't been to the clinic in quite some time. Since I recently got health coverage, I went in for a long overdue checkup. That's when the proverbial sh#t hit the fan. The receptionist that check me in informed me that I would have to pay for this visit and try to get reimbursed from my insurance company. What? I had listed this clinic as my primary care facility, but my card listed some Warshowski outfit thirty miles away. A quick call to the company revealed that even though their forms listed this clinic as eligible, they were contracted with this other system. I would have to go there since it was "near by". If i wanted to appeal, it would take about thirty days to change things. No physical for me. Not yesterday, anyway.

Next, a trip to the pharmacy to get test strips for my glucose meter. They don't give them away, being around a dollar apiece. I use One Touch Ultra strips, probably the most common one out there. Now wait for it..... My new insurance company strikes again!! Here's this tale of red tape and no common sense: The strips I use aren't covered, I have to switch brands. Yes, they will buy me a new meter and strips, but here's the rub. No alternate site testing. This is not good, since I test on my fore arm, not my fingers, since peripheral neuropothy has made my finger tips overly sensitive to things like finger pokes. And for the more serious problem with this whole affair, the meter they want me to use isn't even available at this time. It's on back order, as are the test strips. Do you thinks my insurance company would authorize the strips I currently use temporarily. No way, they will not budge. So there went another $100.00 out of pocket.

One last thing, even if it's minor. I dropped the wheel for my road bike off at the LBS to have a broken spoke replaced. They said it would be a couple of days as they would have to order a matching spoke. Ten days later, I hadn't heard from them, so I called. I was told the spoke had come in that day, and it would be done this last Monday. Monday came and went with no call to say it was done. I finally stopped in yesterday to pick it up and the shop guy handed it to me and said it was all set, but he had to put in a silver spoke since he didn't have a black one in stock. ? What happened to the one you had ordered? Blank stare. I should have just done it myself, but the owner is an old friend and I would like to give him some of my business. But I don't think that will be happening. A simple phone call to tell me they had to use a silver spoke never happened, a call to tell me it was done never happened, and done in a couple of days never happened. The only thing that happened was poor customer service.

After that crap, I wasn't in a good mood. Hungry and frustrated was my mood, but L switched that around pretty quickly. She had a great lunch and fresh coffee ready when I got home. We hung out together the rest of the day and had a fabulous time.

I think I ate that bear for lunch and dinner. I'm going riding today to work it off.


Doug said...

Very frustrating. It's great you have L in your life to help you through times like this.

Tim D said...

I read this sort of stuff here, and the things Fat Cyclist had to go through and thank god for the NHS. £6 for a prescription, doesn't matter what it is or what it actually costs.

Boz said...

Yes, she is a great influence. Keeps me realizing what's important in life.
Tim, you are right, our system needs some restructuring, no doubt about it.

rlove2bike said...

Too bad about the insurance run around...I wish I could say that I am surprised, but it seems the norm anymore.
Same thing with the bike shops.

Not said...

Everybody hates Wal-Mart, myself included, but their meter and test strips are substantially cheaper than most and allow alternate site testing.
- Ventura