Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fitness Flown

Just as the weight comes down, the fitness goes up, the fickled finger of fate gets you: the flu. Rode last Thursday, felt good, but a little lacking on power. This got worse as the ride progressed, so I cut it short and headed home. The blood sugar was OK, if not a bit high. Just an off day, or so I figured. The next morning, I had an Herbalife shake for breakfast, good to go, or so I figured. A couple of hours later, the sweating started. Then, I felt like I was in the deep freeze. Soon back to roasting with intermittent freezing, no energy, no appetite, cold sweats, hot sweats, weird dreams, no sleep. Sounds like drug addiction withdrawals, doesn't it? So, it's been the couch or bed with some fluid intake, but up until today, food was off the board. I think it will be gone tomorrow, with any luck. At least Versus has bike racing on every afternoon!

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