Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not Quite So Fat!

This is the standard Body Mass Index chart that is used by most folks concerned with such thing. Doctors, nurses, diabetes educators, etc. all use it show where you fall in according to industry standards. 17-25 is considered healthy, 25-30, overweight, 30 to 35, obese, above 35, you better push away from the buffet and get some help.

At an appointment at the diabetes center a few weeks ago, the nurse/educator said she couldn't figure how I did what I did as far as exercise.
Her - Your BMI is 35.1, you should really lose some significant weight before doing such intense cycling efforts.

Me- I don't feel super obese, my heart rate monitor tells me when to cool it off a bit. I don't worry about it.

She - Let's use our new super-duper electronic BMI machine and see where you're really at.

Me - Cool.

Down the hall, into a different area of the center.

She- Step on this machine. Hold still while I hook up theses self stick pads and hook the leads to them

She - Hold your arm straight out.

The nurse hits the buttons, enters data, sends a current through me, and gets the reading.

She- This can't be right, let me do it again.

She- It reads the same. 29.3 Weird, can't be right. (implying I'm a certified fat bastard and somehow the machine can't figure it out.) We'll try another day.

Yesterday, Linda and I went and had our BMIs' check and protein levels evaluated. I'm up first for the BMI test. My weight was down 21 lbs. My BMI is at 28. The gal doing the test can't figure it out, either. She thinks her machine is also FUBAR. So, she tested Linda. Right on the money. She gets out the calipers and tape measure. She finds the machine is right! Now I only need to drop 58 more to be on low side of healthy. Piece of cake!

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