Friday, August 5, 2011

A Pleasant Day...

Took the MTB for some gravel road exploring, along with a bit of single track (path through the woods?) exploring. Lots of rolling terrain was covered in the lakes area just north of town. A few hours of cruising around, a few pictures, a few bugs, lunch on a bench in the middle of nothing? Nice.

Had lunch on this bench off the side of the road. Saw a few in the area.

Lots of wild flowers.

I didn't see a car on most of these roads.

East Cook Lake Road.

A quiet little inlet.

I could look at this type of scenery all day.

Island Lake

A ride-able path  to nowhere. Good for developing log and root riding.
 With the current cash flow cut back due to being laid off, one austerity measure was on food - including cycling grub. I thought back to the old days, and remembered riding strong on a diet of peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, bananas, fig bars, and sweetened ice tea or Gatorade. That's what I went with, and it worked out just fine.


Tim D said...

Looks really pretty. Glad you have a good day. I'm already restless and irritable (more than usual) after less than a week off the bike. Probably another week before I can ride again :(

Boz said...

Hang in there Tim, you'll be back soon enough. That was a nasty crash you took, after all. Hope your recovery is speedy and complete.

Vito said...

Even nowhere is somewhere:)