Monday, August 29, 2011

Here's a study that proves what I have said all along. The more you exercise, the more the effect on blood sugar. Just getting back to a regular work out and ride schedule has helped me cut my insulin intake dramatically. And, for me, the longer the duration, the longer the effect lasts. In my humble opinion, the first thing doctors should prescribe to a new type 2 diabetes patient is exercise, and plenty of it. Lower the carbs, move your butt, and keep a positive outlook. Just what the doctor should have ordered, but the first thing seems to be pills. I guess there's no money in  prescribing diet and exercise, so this is what we get!


Tim D said...

I guess that reflects another difference between US and UK healthcare. The NHS just can't afford the drugs only approach and really push the exercise/diet approach. Unfortunately there are many (my mother in law) who want a magic solution and to carry on the lifestyle that got her there in the first place.

Good luck to you, you're going in the right direction

Boz said...

Thanks, Tim. I thought that the magic solution would be gastric by-pass surgery. Glad I didn't have proper insurance to cover it, since it's permanent and I couldn't be guaranteed it would revers my diabetes. The pounds are coming off, meds are lessened, all through hard work, instead of a scalpel.