Monday, May 12, 2008


I didn't ride at all this weekend, mainly to see if my bum knee would do a miraculous rehab over a 3 day rest. It didn't work. So much for possibly putting off surgery for a while. I'm actually looking forward to the scope job to see once and for all what's wrong in there. The surgeon thinks he will probably just have to clean out some crud build up from normal wear and tear. I'm never that lucky, but he's a pro and I'm not, so I'll go with his diagnosis.

This weekend was spent at our camper doing clean-up and minor maintenance, since last season we got the big projects out of the way. That is a good thing, since the weather hasn't cooperated, what with the rain and wind. A great find was that my favorite training road leading west out of the camp ground has been repaved, giving me a smooth, wide, low traffic loop of about 28 miles. Also, my new cell phone works at the campground, while the other Sprint customer's phones don't. That doesn't make sense to me, but I'll take it.

Of course, finding this great ride may not do me much good for mow, as I'm looking for a second job for nights and weekends. The economic situation has cut down our spare income cushion, so some projects we had planned are on hold. A extra job is in the works to help make those projects possible. I hate to do it, but important things, like a garage, take sacrifice and hard work to accomplice. It's not going to build itself, as they say.


Doug said...

Bob, over on my blog you asked when the Monday night rides start. Technically they started back in March when we changed the clocks. However, the first four or five Mondays had rainy weather. As soon as we get some nice sunny Monday's riders will start to show up. They are very relaxed, informal rides. Right now they start at 5:30, but that will change soon to 6:00. A member newsletter will go out announcing when that happens.

Boz said...

Doug, thanks for the info. I'll be back in the saddle soon.