Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Scope It Out

Tomorrow, I get the extreme pleasure of a knee arthroscope procedure. The joy of anesthetic, the cheerful hospital atmosphere, paper work, stitches, pain, crutches, and the hope of everything coming out ok. Actually, it shouldn't be too bad, I know all the people involve, surgeon, p.a., techs, anesthesia people, nurses ect, as that's my where my wife works. Still, I'm apprehensive because you just never know how things will go. But, I trust them all, so I'll should just relax. Hopefully, I'll look back and say"why didn't I do this along time ago?". It has been bothering me off and on since the late 90's. Why rush into things?

Ok, enough poor me.

A package for me arrived Monday with some stuff for my mtb, like a new, lighter seat post and a rear derailleur. The Deore LX I ordered is a high normal instead of low normal, so it works opposite of what was on it. But, it makes sense because now both shifters work the same way. I'll just have to get used to it. I got an FSA seat post, which has the nicest adjustment set up, a dual bolt instead of single. It weighs half of the stock one, and is more adjustable. I put my Specialized Rival seat on it, which is also quite a bit lighter than the stock saddle. I wish I could lose weight this quickly and easily.

Tonight , I'll load up the DVD changer with movies and bike racing videos, haul some food stuff down to the basement fridge, and bring my lap top down too. The family is headed to the camper for the holiday weekend, so I'll be home alone. Peace and quiet, just me and the cats. And maybe some pain. I can't wait.

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