Monday, May 5, 2008

Second Thoughts

My boss brought his new Specialized Epic in today and parked it in my office. So, naturally, I took it for a spin. Very nice, but for $2700.00, it should be. Way more bike than he needs, but if he can afford it, so what ? The thing that really impressed me was the rear shock. It really does take the "bob" out of play when pedaling hard. I couldn't really get on it hard, because he runs Crank Brother's Smarty pedals, and I use Shimano. I hammered though the rough stuff on our side lot, and it soaked up the bumps well, the Brain shock does work as advertised. I like the fork lock, so I may upgrade my Rockhopper in the future. Also, SRAM X9 components and Avid Juicy SL5 brakes work very well, at least on my short test ride. I would like those, also. Might be smarter to just buy another bike. You know, diminishing returns.

Decisions, decisions.

I need a second job.

Proceeds go to the endless list of bike stuff I want.

Maybe after my knee surgery. I'll deserve it.

On another note, please visit and show some support for Fatty and Susan. She has been battling cancer for quite some time, and things have taken a turn for worse. Massive positive vibrations are needed now.

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