Friday, May 23, 2008

The Road (to recovery)

Yesterday, I had my left knee scoped. It wasn't too bad of an experience, but not one I was looking forward to. I am so glad everything went according to Hoyle, and the actual problem was found. The meniscus was badly torn, and a lot of rough areas were discovered and cleaned up. The surgeon said I would need a new knee down the road, but should be good for now. I notice that the click and pop that it has been doing are not there, but it is wrapped up pretty tight so time will tell. They gave me a list of things to do to help heal and strengthen it until my follow-up June 3rd. No riding until then.

The pain, you ask. So far, very little. RICE ( rest, ice, compression, elevation) is to be the regimen though Sunday, then light walking and isometrics to get back in shape. It's going to be torture, staying off of the bike now that the weather has taken a turn for the better. Also, I installed the the new rear derailleur, seat post, and saddle on the MTB and want to try it out. Come on time, fly!!


Doug said...

Doesn't sound too bad. Here's hoping you have a quick recovery!!

Boz said...

Thanks, Doug, I'm sure I'll be good as new soon. This afternoon, it feels worlds better.