Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Home Alone

L went to Dallas for a Mary Kay deal, so I'm batchin' it till Sunday evening. Sure is quiet around here, but I've got plenty to do, kind of like Jens animating a race. Lots of home repairs, riding, that sort of thing. I started yesterday with a nice solo metric century. Doesn't "metric century" sound better than sixty two miles? Does to me. No problems, no bonk, just a smooth day in the saddle. The last longer ride I did left me a shambles for several days, but today, I feel great. What a difference a year makes. I took the mtb out for a little off road action today in the Piedmont trails. Tough riding, those, not for beginners, a real challenge for most skill levels. I love how this town has so many mountain bike loops, one never gets bored.

Tomorrow, I'll do another longish road ride, since I didn't get picked for jury duty tonight. I am looking forward to serving on a jury, so it's just my luck not to have been picked yet. I've never had jury duty before and would like a swing at it. I also need to hit the home center for some pressure treated lumber to fix the front porch. My home project list is as long as my arm, but my wallet isn't. Slow but sure, they'll get done.

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