Monday, July 25, 2011

Le Tour and Other Thoughts

The best Tour De France in years has concluded, and what a race it was. Only one doper ejected, lots of great finishes, and a worthy champion. Cadel Evans finally got over, much in part, I believe, to the efforts to clean up the sport at the highest level. With a level playing field, and a great team, Evans was able to race like he always has been able to. Strong and determined, he controlled the pace, kept it close with no help from other teams, and was able to put the hammer down in the final time trail, like Greg LeMond did back in 1989. An emotional man who has made his country very proud. The Schleck bros need to look in the mirror ad see what it takes: mainly, turn those boy bodies into men's bodies. And quit whining while they are at it.

Me, I've been able to ramp up my riding quite a bit, being unemployed again, Hopefully, this is a short term situation. Being a tech geek, I was scanning some old riding logs form years back. I appear to riding in wet cement compared to back in the 80's, but am getting faster than 2009. My weight is still way to high to make hills fun to ride again, but flat and rolling terrain is getting to be a gas, especially on the mountain bike. Much of this is due to zone training, intervals, and of course, a strong core. Hills are waiting for me after another twenty pounds is shed. Probably about three months.

The last five years were rough physically. Joint and muscle pain, weight gain, diabetes complications, you name it, have hindered riding to such an extant I didn't look forward to being on the bike. After finally quitting taking a statin for cholesterol, many of these symptoms have vanished. I've been able to work harder, cut back on the insulin, and generally feel like a new man. Linda's going out of town on business for the next week, so I'll be channeling my inner Mercx - Ride the bike, ride the bike, ride the bike!


rlove2bike said...

I too thought this year tour was fun to watch. For the first year, I watched about all of it live and was glad to see Evans win. That time trail he rode was awesome. You could see by the camera he was much faster the Schleck brothers.

Wet're too hard on yourself. :-) 80's to 11

Have Fun!

Tim D said...

Can't warm to Cuddles, something about him just puts me off. The Tour was made by the side shows this year, Voeckler, Cav, Hushovd. The GC comp was dull by comparison.

"chenneling the inner Merckx" - brilliant