Friday, July 29, 2011

Hartley Field

My view

Nice single track

Love weaving through the trees

This bike makes it fun!

Hard to see on coming riders through this tall grass on the way up to the outlook

A rock garden as seen from the outlook

Top of the outlook climb

A rather large rock formation that is the outlook

Nice view

Speaks for itself. The area is well marked

We'll need a bath when we get home
I really do need to explore this beautiful area right here in Duluth more often. Fun and varied trails for all skill levels. Today was a gas. I can't believe how nice the 30 speed XT shifts, even when wound up with grass and mud. It's nice to have better gear than ability, I rode to the top of the outlook without touching. That's a first for me.

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Tim D said...

Looks beautiful. Glad you had fun, I was having fun too til disaster struck. We don't have much of that type of trail round here, its either fire road or seriously steep.