Thursday, July 28, 2011

Other Side of the River

The Thompson Reservoir as seen from the side south of the Munger Trail. I took my 29er today and explored some of the off the beaten path trail around Jay Cooke Park. Sure do see some different sites this way.
The view east toward the dam
It was a lot of fun just popping around in the woods, the trails are in great shape, and challenging at times. I seem to be getting better at mtb riding, and the easy rolling 29 inch wheels do help the confidence

The Groomer
Taking a break      
A great day was had by all - me! 83 and partly cloudy, the humidity wasn't too bad. I came home and made dinner, a cold beer, and now to relax!
Making a little Carbonara


rlove2bike said...

I have rode the Munger many times from Duluth to Carlton, but have never explored any of the side trails. Sounds interesting.

Boz said...

It's fun to get out and explore, that's for sure. It breaks up an otherwise routine ride.