Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dubya's Package

So what bike related stuff are you going to spend the economic stimulus package money on? Me, not much. Sure, I've got a list a mile long, or more accurately, endless, of things I won't. But I don't really need them, or have to have them. I 'll probably get a new seat for the road bike, and put the Rival saddle on my MTB. I'd also like to upgrade the derailleurs on the MTB to XT, and the brakes to Avid 7. With my knee problems, I'm going to forgo the fixie conversion of the Batavus. I will probably give it to someone who wants a retro bike to tinker with. There's not enough time in the day to do all the projects I have started. I'll just have to retire. Not that there is any chance of that right now, what with our economy heading south in a big spiral swirly mess. A household has to have two incomes to have any quality of life these days. Sucks, at best in my estimation. But, the elections are coming soon, so maybe there is hope.


Mike said...

New site, eh?

This may sound wacky, but I'll probably try to track down a set of running snowshoes. I think I've found my winter sport.


Boz said...

Most of the guy's around here us Blogger, plus I had problem posting on MSN. So I switched.

A lot of folks do the snow shoe thing in this area - it's fun and a great workout.