Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back On The Road

I received a date to scope my knee yesterday and wouldn't you know, it started feeling better. The doc said I could ride, but don't push it. After work I headed up the shore for an easy spin to see how it would hold up. It held up fine, but didn't like any out of saddle work. Not painful, but weak. It looks like I at least got one good ride in before the bad weather returns, and so did a lot of other folks. I think I saw most every type of bike imaginable, road, moutain, a tandem, and a recumbent. But something I hadn't seen before around here was a tall bike. You just don't see those being ridden on the open road around here. The kid riding it wasn't wearing a helmet, I guess he was just too cool for that, riding several feet up in the air and all.

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