Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Diabetes Cure

A cure for diabetes is on the horizon. The report on 60 Minutes this past Sunday really is getting a lot of mileage for this possible cure - the Duodenal bypass. This procedure basically remove the upper part of the intestine at the stomach, much like bariatric bypass surgery, only it doesn't modify the stomach. There are promising clinical trials going on in Brazil right now which if successful could mean that cure is possible. @ 80% of those that have had bariatric surgery have had their diabetes go into complete remission, and the duodenal modification seems to be the key. It may take awhile to be approved, and how insurance coverage remains to be seen. But just think of the money to be save in the long run, due to lack of complications from the disease. I personally would do it, but would like to know the effects on athletic performance. If it restricts carb absorption, how would that effect performance during an endurance event ? The possible trade off sure seem to out-weigh the daily grind of testing, pills, and shots. Let's hope it truly is a cure.

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