Saturday, April 19, 2008

What A Pain

Had an MRI on the ailing knee, but haven't gotten the results back yet. So, no riding for me for a while. I tell ya', it's not getting any better. But the cortisone in the shoulder did help a bunch, I can move pretty much pain free. Not so with the knee. It pops when getting up out of my chair, which I do several times an hour, making work really suck. I'm getting crabby, I want to get this thing fixed so I can get on with riding, but it looks like the MRI results won't be ready until Tuesday. It's raining, so at least working today isn't to bad. We're heading for Rochester tomorrow for the daughter's appointment at the Mayo Clinic (routine checkup) on Monday morning. Oh well, I'll just have to play the waiting game for a while....

On a brighter note, I had the Body Mass Index test done on Thursday. 26.5, much lower than I expected. According to the nurse, it should have been 37 for an average guy my height and weight. So instead of trying to get down to 170, my new target is 195. I should be able to get there by summer's end. My blood sugar is still all over the place, especially after the cortisone shot. This effect is only supposed to last a few days. Let's hope so.

I joined the site in order to track food intake and exercise in a consistent manner. I sure does remind you how much just a little of this and a little of that add up to. It should help to maintain the discipline needed to lose more weight and control the blood sugar.

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