Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mayo Clinic

SWMBO and I took daughter #1 to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester for a routine check up this weekend. Went down Sunday afternoon, hung out in our motel for awhile, then went to Famous Dave's for dinner, which is connected to the motel. After dinner, pool and hot tub, and an early turn in.

I droppped them off at the clinic the next morning and went for a cruise around Rochester, as I've never really spent much time there. I've got to tell you, the town sure is bicycle friendly. Lot's of path all over the place, very clean, and a longer summer, and a some nice bike shops. I stopped in at the Bicycle Store and Erik's Bike and Board. Both are Specialized dealers, well stocked with both parts and accessories. Both carried a lot of clothes, both road and mtb, along with plenty of commuter stuff like racks and bags. Both were very clean and organized, with lots of display space, tons of bikes and cool staff. But, I was a good boy and bought only a pair of socks. There were several hats and shirts I wanted, but didn't really need, so I refrained.

The really downer part was not being able to ride due to the bum knee. It was 75 above with a light breeze and I couldn't enjoy it. The guys at Erik's offer to loan me a bike and take a cruise on a nearby bike path, but I couldn't take them up on it. Bummer, because I've wanted to try a Roubaix Expert for a while, and they had a 53 cm demo sitting right there!! Oh, the humanity!!!

The doc will call me tomorrow with the surgery schedule. Until then, I just have to wait.

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