Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shouldering The Burden

Sunday was beautiful. Spring is here. It's temps in the high 50's for a while. Great riding weather. But for me, no. You see, last Thursday, I rolled out of bed in the morning, and something in my left knee popped a couple of times. No big deal, happens once in a while, just a little twinge of pain, and then goes away. My left knee always seems a little weaker than my right, has for a few years, but not noticeable on the bike. It didn't go away, but has gotten progressively worse, to the point of pain all the time.

Yesterday, I met with an ortho surgeon about my shoulder, which at this point seemed a minor annoyance compared to this stupid knee. So, he had the knee x-rayed, poked around the shoulders, and showed my wife how to press on my knee to inflict maximum pain. Nice, but all in fun as she works in the operating room with him from time to time. When the x-rays came back, he said it looks like cartilage and ligament damage. A scope job is in order. This afternoon I get to have an MRI, then plot out the surgery.

Next up was a big needle injecting cortisone into my right shoulder. That's just a fun procedure, I recommend it if you want some cheap thrills. Not!! So, it looks like I won't be riding much for the next couple of week. Why don't you all ride a few extra miles and put it in my base mileage bank, so I won't have as much work to do when I'm back.


Biking Duluth said...

No prob, I rode to Dougs house, but I don't think he was home yet, then I rode back home. That made for about 14 miles this afternoon.
Had major headwind heading west, managed about 14-17 mph, on ride back, about 24-26. I really like the new bike but I now I carry too much crap around. Hard though, 30 in the morning, 72+ in the afternoon. Yes, I had 72+ on my computer.

Boz said...

You are so right, a guy needs a big pack to carry all the clothes to ride in the wide temps. Or, have a service car follow you around. :)