Monday, April 28, 2008

How High's The Water Mama ?

We headed down the camp ground Sunday to do a little clean-up and check things out after a long winter. Our camper fared well, and as a '07 model, it should have. No rodent or bug remnants or anything. Several folks have custom covers over theirs, and a lot of those got torn up in the winds and heavy, wet snow we had this winter. I like it down there in the summer, good people, kids have a lot of fun, and it makes a good base to ride from. Good, quiet roads, I can ride the state trail from home, and lots of nice MTB riding. Hopefully, the weather improves so it's worth spending some time there soon. The Moosehorn River is way up, so the trails are probably still pretty muddy. We shall wait and see.

On the diabetes front, my high, erratic numbers all of a sudden came back down. I'm sure this is due to my careful monitoring of food intake. I use to track food and exercise, but that is only good if you are honest with yourself. I found that I was eating more than I thought, so I really practise portion control, and it shows. My morning numbers are lower now than they ever have been. It dropped too low last night, but some Cherrios and milk took care of that, so this AM was a bit high, but still ok. My knee flared up again, so no riding, but a little walking yesterday for exercise. May 22nd is set for the scope job, so hopefully just a clean out will do the trick. I just hope they don't find anything major.

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