Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Deep Thoughts

Deep in the woods, that is. My weekend ride scouting ride took me into the thick state forest on ATV trail. Fun riding, especially on those sharp, burmed corners. You can crank into them full tilt and rail around with no brakes. Miles and miles of varied surface and width make for a great day on the MTB. But, that black cloud the cycling gods have seen fit to horse collar me with rained on my parade. Not with literal rain, but with flies. Those nasty, biting deer flies. Don't they know the difference between humans and deer? Maybe they should be called "we'll bite anything" flies. I had these nasty critters stuck on my arms, legs, in my helmet, everywhere. There is always bad with the good, and this was bad. But the riding was great!

I've read a lot of negative comments on the Versus coverage of the TDF. I actually don't mind the Phil and Paul running cliche commentary style, or Bobke's all around goofiness. It could be a lot worse. And a lot better. True HD picture would be a plus, but I'm sure the signal conversion from PAL to the US NTSC standard is the culprit, cost wise. The sound is pretty decent, and Vs does broadcast in 720. Maybe next year. One can only hope.

Ever wonder how the dopers get the idea to try the latest and greatest drugs? I have theories, such as research scientists noticing peculiar reactions to the last wonder drug meant to help the very ill. Hey, maybe I could make a buck on the side and black market this to some unscrupulous athlete or trainer. Or maybe he or she is a big sports fan and wants to "help out" some athlete or team. Money, I'm sure, is behind it, mostly. Why not spend more time tracking the source and enforcing existing laws in this country the way the French do. Wait, did just say "the way the French do"? Yes, stuffing Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens in a squad car after the game might help curb the flow, so to speak. Again, one can only hope.


Lori said...

Bug spray - lots and lots of bug spray!

Boz said...

Lori - I think it just makes them hungrier!

Doug said...

I used to use Avon's Skin-So-Soft to repel deer flies. I went through a roller blading phase in the mid-90's. The deer flies used to drive me batty. I'd spray the Avon stuff right on the helmet, and my arms and shirt. Worked great!

Boz said...

Doug - I've got some at the camper, I'll give it a try this weekend. Thanks for the tip.