Thursday, July 17, 2008

Head For The Hills

Yesterday after work, I figured I'd go for a nice spin up the shore. Maybe and hour or so, play it by ear. So, I kitted up and headed down the hill to Superior St and headed east. All of a sudden, somebody hit the A/C . Wait, my bike has Ritchie, Ultegra, FSA, American Classic, Kenda, but no air conditioning. Oh, yeah, that's Lake Superior at work. When it's 90f and muggy, it's a welcome relief, but when it's 70 and the lake drops it 15 degrees, no thanks. So what do you do? I headed on up Lester River Road. I've been staying away from climbing since my return to the sport, but today the burn felt good. So good in fact, I went all the way to the end and turn around for the swoosh back down. On the way up, I hit a max mph of 18, back down I reached 37. It felt so good, I turned around at the park and did another loop. I'll be doing the Velo Duluth ride this weekend, and feel pretty good about it. See you out there.

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